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As a Hypoglycemic should you be eating those carbs?
June 14, 2009

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Ok so lets get started!

Carbs, are they friend or foe for the Hypoglycemic?

When attempting to overcome your hypoglycemia, knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid is key.

There are many confusing pieces of advice available on hypoglycemia which seem to contradict each other as to what hypoglycemic should or should not be eating.

Some doctors and nutritionist claim that a high carb, low protein diet is what one with hypoglycemia should be consuming, whereas the low carb gurus on the other hand see carbs as an 'evil' poisonous substance to be avoided at all costs.

So who is wrong and who is right?

The truth is in reality both the 'carb haters' and the 'carb lovers' different approaches can help a hypoglycemic overcome his or her condition. The key issue is not just about whether a hypoglycemic eats carbs or not, but it is the kinds of carbs that they eat that are important.

Most hypoglycemics are carbohydrate sensitive

What being ‘carbohydrate sensitive’ means is that when a person with hypoglycemia eats carbohydrates, their body is likely to respond by releasing an inappropriately large amount of insulin.

This brings about many of the symptoms hypoglycemic's experience i.e. headaches, tiredness etc

So carbohydrates should be avoided then right?.

Well, no not exactly, our bodies need carbohydrates for energy, they provide our cells with the vital fuel needed to operate correctly. As any of you that have tried low carb diets like the Atkins Diet will know, remove carbs from your diet completely and you will soon begin to feel sluggish, tired, sleepy and disorientated all the time.

So if carbs cause symptoms but are needed to function correctly what does a hypoglycemic do?

Well the key is not to eliminate all carbs from your diet but instead eliminate the bad carbs and keep the good ones. As it is essentially only the bad refined carbs that will cause your symptoms, in general if you eat sensible amounts of ‘good’ carbs you should not experience the symptoms you have been so used to.

So, which carbs are ‘bad’ and which ones are ‘good’?

Carbohydrates can be divided into 2 distinct categories, simple and complex. For the hypoglycemic it is likely to be the over consumption of simple (bad) carbs that will have given rise to their symptoms- this consumption needs to be limited and replaced with healthier complex (good) carbs.

These healthier carbs include whole grains such as whole grain rice, pasta, and cous-cous.

In my next edition of this Ezine I will discuss some more of these 'bad' and 'good' carbs that are important to the hypoglycemic and how much of these good carbs should be consumed.

If you cannot wait until then please see my Ebook which contains all this information and more including a step by step diet plan and guide on how to beat hypoglycemia.

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