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is Hypoglycemia causing your depression?
August 14, 2009

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Is Hypoglycemia causing your depression?

If you are hypoglycemic you may find yourself feeling depressed for no apparent reason. Depression is a persistent state of sadness, hopelessness or despair that is so severe that it can affect ones ability to function properly or carry out necessary day to day activities.

It has been suggested that up to 70% of all sufferers of Hypoglycemia experience depression at some point

Could your Hypoglycemia have been misdiagnosed as depression?

Many people suffering from Hypoglycemia go from doctor to doctor, or from psychologist to psychologist looking for the root cause of their depression, all the while ignoring one fundamental and very likely cause of their negative feelings-: their diet.

Many hypoglycemics that are misdiagnosed as being “manic depressive” are often given very strong and potent anti-depressants, when all that is really needed is a change in their eating habits to begin to help them feel better.

Diet is key
By cutting out sugars, refined carbohydrates and other foods that cause havoc on their body chemistry, most hypoglycemics will experience a positive if not immediate change in their negative feelings.

How can my diet make me depressed?

Many nutritionists and researchers have concluded that over consumption of the wrong sorts of foods can cause havoc on our body chemistry and one of the side effects of this can be depression. Sugars, and refined carbohydrates can give us a high, lifting our moods temporarily. However once the effects of these foods have worn off we find ourselves feeling lower than before. Eat too many of these foods and you will find yourself stuck in an addictive vicious circle.

So are you saying that my diet is causing all of my negative feelings of depression?

Although Hypoglycemia can cause depression I am not for a second suggesting that everyone who feels depressed is actually hypoglycemic. Depression is a very real and separate condition suffered by many, and in many cases prescribed medication may be what is required.

However before embarking on any course of strong anti-depressants, it is essential that your diet is as 'clean' as possible, in order to get an accurate idea of how much of your depression is linked to your Hypoglycemia.

In my Ebook 'Overcoming Hypoglycemia' I discuss exactly what changes are necessary to help the hypoglycemic overcome their depression.
These changes are many including dietary changes, supplementation and exercise.

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In my next addition of my Ezine I will be talking about how exercise can benefit the hypoglycemic on the road to recovery

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Damian Muirhead

For more information on depression and how it is linked to Hypoglycemia please check out my Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ebook at:

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