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do you know the difference between good and bad carbs?
September 14, 2009

What are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates?

In an earlier edition of this Ezine I spoke about how carbohydrates have been given a bad rap for years. Many 'low carb gurus' have dismissed all carbohydrates as 'evil' and claimed that all carbohydrates, whether they be white sugar or brown bread should be ditched.

Is there a difference between types carbohydrates?

As I mentioned in an earlier edition of this Ezine the total removal of carbohydrates from ones diet is not entirely necessary, in fact doing this can be detrimental to your health

Some carbohydrates are good for you, whilst some are bad for you

'Bad' carbohydrates can most accurately be described as those carbohydrates which have an immediate and extreme effect on blood sugar levels.

Bad carbohydrates (more accurately known as simple or refined carbohydrates) are those carbohydrates which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. These carbohydrates are usually found in the form of 'junk' or unhealthy foods such as potatoes chips, candy and white breads.

Good carbohydrates on the other hand take much longer to be broken down into the bloodstream and as a result do not cause the massive peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels usually associated with hypoglycemia. These foods include brown bread, vegetables and whole grains

Wanna beat Hypoglycemia? Get rid of the ‘bad’ but keep the ‘good’!

In order to begin recovering from Hypoglycemia, it is not necessary to completely remove carbohydrates from your diet, but instead simply remove those bad carbohydrates which are likely to be the cause of your symptoms.

I have included a very basic list of good and bad carbohydrates on the page in my website. However for a more detailed and comprehensive list check out my ebook: where you will find an extensive list of good and bad carbohydrates and tips on how to begin removing them from your diet.

Sophistication is key

Beating Hypoglycemia takes a sophisticated approach to eating. Be wary of diet 'experts' who tell you to simply cut out whole food groups from your diet. This approach although possibly effective for the first few days, will almost certainly cause major side effects.

The key to overcoming Hypoglycemia is knowing what you can eat

There is no quick fix diet that will fit all when beating hypoglycemia, the key is to learn which of the good and bad carbohydrates you can personally tolerate and build an individualised plan. This is a much more effective long term solution which will set your firmly on the road to feeling better.

Until next time

Damian Muirhead

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