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is your Hypoglycemia still bothering you?
October 14, 2009

Have you set clear measurable goals to help you beat your hypoglycemia?

Did you know setting clear defined goals when attempting to beat hypoglycemia is as important as diet itself?

Thatís right! In fact trying to beat hypoglycemia without setting clear achievable goals is setting yourself for failure.

After years of feeding your body sugary foods and drinks it is likely to be addicted to these substances.

If you try simply stopping these addictive foods cold turkey you are likely to experience some very severe withdrawal symptoms

By creating clearly defined achievable goals you will be able to effectively manage these withdrawal symptoms .


Because of the severity of many hypoglycemic withdrawal symptoms it is virtually impossible to remember why you are putting your body through what seems like needless agony when these symptoms kick in.

Like any addict dependant on a drug, a hypoglycemic giving up sugar is likely to tell his or herself "just one more candy bar, just one more fizzy drink" leaving them trapped in the hypoglycemic circle of misery.

However by clearly defining why they are changing their diet at the start of their program a hypoglycemic will develop the motivation to continue when the most extreme of their symptoms kick in.

For example look at these sample reasons for changing your diet if you are hypoglycemic:

  • I'm tired of feeling tired
  • I want my life to stop revolving around food
  • I want to be able to feel alert in the morning
  • I want to lose 10lbs

    Goals like these ones above will help the hypoglycemic stay on track when the withdrawal symptoms seem too much to bare.

    In my Ebook "Overcoming Hypoglycemia" I provide a detailed step by step guide how to create measurable, definable goals to increase your chances of overcoming hypoglycemia for good.

    I also explain how to establish clear reasons why you are changing your diet, as well as how to create powerful self-affirmations, which will effectively ensure your attempts to beat the condition are a success .

    You have to know very clearly why you are beginning this lifestyle change if you are to succeed

    Lack of motivation is a major reason why many people fail to follow through with efforts made to change their lives.

    Increase your chances of success: define your goals and write them down

    It is not enough simply having goals , they must be clearly defined, written down and systematic.

    The Overcoming Hypoglycemia provides you with all the tools needed to beat your condition once and for all.

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    Hypoglycemia if treated in the right way is a perfectly manageable condition, however it takes more than just a change in diet, it requires a systematic varied approach

    Until Next time

    Damian Muirhead

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