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Can supplements can help your hypoglycemia?
July 01, 2011

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Can supplements can help my hypoglycemia?

Supplements are a contentious subject in the world mainstream medicine. Many doctors and medical experts shun the idea that supplementation of any form is even necessary. Some claim that they are nothing but placebos and by eating balanced diet we are able to get all of our vitamin and mineral needs without supplementation.

However is this really the case?

Many hypoglycemics have for years consumed an unbalanced diet high in sugars and refined carbohydrates. These foods are likely to have left the hypoglycemic missing many essential nutrients they would have otherwise received had they been eating a balanced diet.

This then means that unless the hypoglycemic undertakes a deliberate course of supplementation to replace these nutrients they will remain deficient in these essential minerals and vitamins.

Supplementation is also important as a diet high in sugars and refined carbohydrates actually removes essential vitamins and minerals from our bodies. So if you have for years chomped down the candy bars and white rolls, you may have not only been starving your body of essential nutrients, the existing vitamins and minerals in your body may have been further depleted.

It is for this reason that many experts in the area of nutrition and alternative medicine stress the importance of supplementation.

In my ebook 'Overcoming Hypoglycemia' I discuss which supplements may be able to help the hypoglycemic.

However it is essential that before taking any supplementations you are sure which supplements you should be taking and in what doses.
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