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By public Demand 1-1 Hypoglycemia coaching
May 24, 2011

Week after week I receive countless emails from people asking me if I do nutritional coaching face to face or over the phone with them.

People tell me that they just can't get the hang of completely changing their diet or cutting out harmful hypoglycemic inducing foods. Others tell me they really need someone to help them to stay motivated on their diet as they make these drastic changes, and so would like regular contact with me.

Up until now due to time constraints I have been unable to offer coaching.

However, due to popular demand I have decided to offer online skype or phone coaching for those attempting to beat hypoglycemia.

During coaching sessions I will:

  • Discuss your current symptoms and assess whether you are likely to have hypoglycemia
  • Help you construct your food diary to assess how your current diet may be affecting your health
  • Help you identify which foods need to be cut out to help you feel better
  • Help you set you dietary goals- identifying what you hope to achieve by changing your diet.
  • Help you create meals- selecting the right ingredients to help your recovery
  • Help you construct a vitamin plan, to help you with supplementation of your new diet
  • Help you deal with constant negative thinking and anxiety
  • Give you ideas on how to question the negative beliefs you have
  • Give you insomnia beating techniques
  • If you sign up for coaching and have not bought my Ebook I will throw it in free if you purchase at least 2 coaching sessions!!!!

    Coaching will take place over the phone or skype (unless you can get to London UK where I will be able to meet you face to face)

    Cost of 1 hours coaching session = $100

    If you have not purchased my Ebook and purchase 2 coaching sessions for $200 I will throw in the Ebook for free!!!!!!

    So contact me today to start your road to recovery!


    to sign up!!!!!

    Until next time

    Damian Muirhead

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