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Hypoglycemia- Is it just in your head?
May 01, 2011

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Ok so lets get started!

Hypoglycemia- Is it just in your head?

The term "Hypoglycemia" has been used in many different contexts leaving many confused as to what it actually is or if Hypoglycemia actually exists.

In fact Hypoglycemia over the years has got a very bad rap. Some sceptics say that Hypoglycemia is simply a disease invented by a few Hypochondriacs, while others more cynical claim it is nothing more than a 'celebrity illness'.

Many highly respected doctors are reluctant to view Hypoglycemia as a legitimate condition and instead dismiss it as nothing more than imaginary.

In fact Time magazine in the 80's went as far to run an article on Hypoglycemia which it unapologetically titled "The fad disease". The article published in April 1980 suggested unequivocally that Hypoglycemia is nothing more than the figment of the sufferer’s imagination.

Is this however really the case?

Not according to many leading researchers on the condition.

Dr Harvey Ross and Geraldine Saunders authors of the book "Hypoglycemia the condition won't treat" describe the diagnosis and treatment of Hypoglycemia as a "Medical Disgrace." As time and time again sufferers are confronted with nonchalance and indifference by doctors who won't accept its legitimacy.

And Dr Atkins world famous creator of 'The Atkins diet' even goes even further and says:

"The prejudice against the diagnosis and management of reactive Hypoglycemia by the medical establishment represents one of its most prolonged failures to practice good responsive medicine.

For the past forty or more years, nearly a majority of physicians have taken a Hypoglycemia doesn't exist attitude and for them, presenting grossly abnormal results done at a proper medical lab will get you nowhere. It will get you angry denials, sometimes replete with expletives"

Pretty strong words!

You see the fact is that regardless of what the doctors or self proclaimed 'experts' may say Hypoglycemia is a real and very harmful condition. The problem for the sufferer however is that because the symptoms of Hypoglycemia can be so many and so varied Doctors seem reluctant to attribute these symptoms to the convenient answer of 'Hypoglycemia'.

However regardless of the reluctance of many in the medical profession to diagnose Hypoglycemia, the average sufferer needs no more confirmation than the constant hunger, insomnia, chronic depression, irritability, tiredness and other symptoms that confirm that Hypoglycemia is not just in their head.

So if you are under any illusions that your condition is real rest assured- Hypoglycemia does exist!

Of course it is not possible to say whether the symptoms you are experiencing are Hypoglycemia related, however if they are- there is still hope.

In my next edition of this Ezine ill be explaining with Hypoglycemia actually is and how to identify it from your symptoms.

If you cannot wait that long please feel free to check out my Ebook which contains all of this information and much much more.
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