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April 26, 2011

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Ok so lets get started!

Are you actually Hypoglycemic?

The first thing you probably need to know is if you are actually hypoglycemic and how it is possible to find out for sure.

There are 3 main ways people normally find out if they are hypoglycemic these are:

1)A Glucose Tolerance Test.

2)Diagnosis from a doctor/nutritionist

3)Self diagnosis based on questionnaire and observation of symptoms

Now each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages but due to the fact that less and less qualified doctors seem to be recognising Hypoglycemia as a legitimate condition more and more people are forced to rely on self diagnosis.

In this Ezine edition I wanna focus on method three: self diagnosis.

Self Diagnosis

Self Diagnosis means just that, making an informed decision yourself as to whether or not you actually have hypoglycemia.

The main way of doing this is based on your symptoms. The easiest way to begin to self diagnose is make a list of the symptoms you get which you feel are related to your diet. These symptoms could be many but list them all down. Probable symptoms include headaches tiredness and cravings for sweet foods.

When you have listed these symptoms compare them to the ones found at and

If you have at least three of these symptoms then Hypoglycemia seems probable.

It is of course not possible to diagnose solely on a few symptoms, for a more detailed and accurate way of determining whether or not you have Hypoglycemia check out my ebook at: where you find all the tools you need to both diagnose and beat your Hypoglycemia including important reasons why it is not necessary to put yourself through a gruelling Glucose Tolerance Test to find out whether or not you have Hypoglycemia.

So Until next time


PS: In my next issue ill be informing you of the foods you MUST avoid in order to beat your hypoglycemia. But if you can't wait until then grab your copy of my ebook today!

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