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Are you on the path to type 2 diabetes?
October 01, 2011

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Are you on the path to type 2 diabetes?

Did you know that leaving your hypoglycemia untreated can lead to the deadly condition of type 2 diabetes?

Thatís right! Many people wrongly believe that Hypoglycemia (also known as low blood sugar) and diabetes (also known as high blood sugar) are two opposite conditions.

However the reality is in fact, that hypoglycemia and diabetes are different stages of the same condition.

If you keep on feeding your body sugary foods your pancreas will eventually give up on you!

As you probably know the job of the pancreas is to regulate the level of sugar in our blood by releasing insulin.

If the pancreas detects too much sugar in our blood it will immediately respond by releasing insulin. This insulin will then bring our blood sugar levels down to a safe level.

Feed the body too much sugar and the pancreas will not be able to cope.

Studies have shown that if the pancreas is continually fed too much sugar over a prolonged period of time, it will eventually lose its ability to effectively regulate blood sugar levels.

And if your body cannot regulate its blood sugar levels you are well and truly on your way to being a diabetic

Diabetes - known also as hyperglycemia, is the inability of the pancreas to release effective amounts of insulin to regulate high blood sugar levels.

This condition is life threatening and if not treated properly and in due time can also cause conditions such as blindness, kidney dysfunction, and impotence.

The most effective way to stop your hypoglycemia becoming type diabetes is to eat the right foods

If you are hypoglycemic then your body overreacts by producing too much insulin when it is not needed. Whilst the pancreas of a diabetic under reacts not producing enough insulin.

Avoid either extreme by eating right!

Both of the conditions mentioned respond well to a healthy diet consisting of complex carbs, protein and good fats. My website outlines some of the foods you should be eating as a hypoglycemia to try and avoid making your hypoglycemia any worse.

Alternatively the Overcoming Hypoglycemia E-book available on my website gives you further tips on how to construct healthy balanced meals by avoiding the foods that could cause symptoms.

The E-book also provides you with an extensive list of foods that MUST be avoided if you want to stave off your hypoglycemic symptoms.

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Hypoglycemia if treated is a perfectly manageable condition, however if ignored it can potential severely damage your health and even threaten your life. Don't delay, treat your hypoglycemia today!

Until Next time

Damian Muirhead

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