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What foods should a Hypoglycemic eat?
September 01, 2011

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What foods should a Hypoglycemic eat?

A sample list of foods the hypoglycemic should eat:

Below is a list of some of the foods that a hypoglycemic should eat. This is a very brief list and only contains some of the possibilities, nevertheless it is a good starting list to use.

Lean meat and poultry such as beef chicken and turkey avoid processed foods
whole grains (e.g. rices and pastas)
vegetables (you may have to use trial and error to see which vegetables cause reactions but ones that should be ok include: tomatoes(some hypoglycemics get reactions to tomatoes)
brussel sprouts
nut butters
protein powders
beans (all types)
plain yogurt

To start to construct a Hypoglycemic diet eat these and other varieties of these foods.

The above foods are rich in protein, good carbohydrates and good fats. These foods can help stabilise blood sugar stave off hunger and help the hypoglycemic on the road to recovery. However there are hundreds if not thousands of other foods that a hypoglycemic might be able to eat. However to determine what these foods are an individualised approach is key.

Eat varieties of these foods

The above list contains groups of foods such as lean meats, whole grains and vegetables. In order to determine which ones can benefit you as a hypoglycemic it is necessary to research those foods which have positive health benefits.

There are many books and resources available via the internet that can help you do this, alternatively my Ebook Overcoming Hypoglycemia contains a detailed food planning guide containing hundreds of foods that will help your hypoglycemia.
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Meal planning is key

It is of course necessary to eat these foods in the correct amounts at the correct times. To do this requires a detailed diet planning system which I will talk about in my next edition.

Alternatively as a limited bonus I have included a meal planning timetable which provides a detailed guide of food portions, meal plans and recipe ideas.

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Until next time

Damian Muirhead

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