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Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ezine
December 01, 2011

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What foods should a Hypoglycemic avoid?

How do you know which foods to avoid if you are hypoglycemic?

Below is a list of some of the foods that a hypoglycemic should try their very best to avoid. Now this food list is very brief list and only contains some of the possibilities, however it should give you a good indication of the types of food that will cause you symptoms.

white flour
white rice
white pasta
highly processed meats
ice cream
fruit juice
(certainly at the beginning of changing your diet)
fried foods
fast foods(KFC Mcdonalds etc)
tea (only drink green or herbal teas)
caffeine products
any junk foods or foods made with sugar in it - check the label for details

The above foods are foods that bring on hypoglycemic symptoms because of the speed that they are absorbed into the blood stream.

As mentioned in an earlier edition of this Ezine, these foods consist mainly of 'bad' carbs, and will cause insulin to be released into your blood stream very quickly causing your symptoms.

So in order to avoid the symptoms, avoid the junk

The above list of foods should begin to give you an indication of the types of foods a hypoglycemic should avoid.

Alternatively the Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ebook available on my website gives you further tips on how to identify the hidden ingredients in the foods that could cause symptoms. The Ebook also provides you with an extensive list of foods that are likely to cause you to have severe hypoglycemic reactions.

Sugar comes in many forms!

Unfortunately for the hypoglycemic, there are many many words for sugar. When attempting to eliminate all forms of sugar from his diet, the hypoglycemic may find it incredibly difficult to know that the fructooliosaccharides or sucrose dextrin, listed is in fact a form of sugar that could bring about severe symptoms.

My Ebook: "Overcoming Hypoglycemia" contains a complete guide on how to find hidden sugars as well a detailed step by step guide on beating Hypoglycemia."

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Until next time

Damian Muirhead

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