My story: How I beat my Hypoglycemia

My battle to beat hypoglycemia:

My name is Damian and I am a recovering Hypoglycemic!!! No seriously, I wanna take a few minutes of your time and tell you the effect that hypoglycemia had on me for years and years, and how by learning a few relatively unknown secrets on changing my diet, exercise and lifestyle pattern I was literally able to change my life.

So if you too are a sufferer of this debilitating condition sit back and learn how a little knowledge can help you beat the condition.

My Hypoglycemia began as a child

My Hypoglycemia has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child I remember suffering from frequent cravings for sweets, sugary drinks and potato chips. These cravings were with me all the time and I felt constantly hungry. I began to also develop eczema which meant that my skin would become very dry and sore in certain areas of my body this was only slightly helped by the ointments and creams given to me by doctors.

I also developed asthma making it very easy for me to get out of breath even though physically I was in pretty good shape. I also began to develop allergies to pollen which occured every summer without fail.

After the physical symptoms came the psychological ones....

Throughout my teens all my symptoms continued, but depression, anxiety, irritabilty and insomnia also became regular occurrences. The insomnia and depression I experienced was probably the worst symptom of my Hypoglycemia although I had no idea that I was even suffering from the condition.

These as well as many other symptoms continued for years and years until I one day stumbled across a book that talked about "Hypoglycemia and its effects". I immediately began to recognise many of the symptoms I was experiencing.

A breakthrough?

The book I found at first seemed like the answer to my prayers- for as soon as I started applying a few easy to follow steps my Hypoglycemia began to subside. However I soon began to see the book was not as beneficial as I had initially hoped for two main reasons. The first was that by applying the steps the author had suggested I began to experience some severe side effects.

These side effects were mainly the result of cutting out whole food groups from my diet and actually seemed worse than my original symptoms.

Secondly although the book focused on helping me make the dietary changes necessary, it spoke nothing of helping me get rid of the other symptoms of hypoglycemia I was also experiencing. Symptoms such as insomnia, depression, headaches, irritability, and many more, despite the fact my diet was different many of these symptoms did not just magically disappear.

Also the author of this book also just expected me to make these changes all at once with very little guidance. Despite my best efforts I was not able to fully overcome my hypoglycemia by applying what this book had suggested what I needed a much more detailed and structured approach.

Back to square 1?

Despite seemingly failing to find a solution to my problem- I at least knew what I was suffering from and that certain foods seemed to make my condition worse.

Over the next few years I embarked on a mission to try and fully overcome my condition. I visited nutritionists, doctors, participated in web forums and read every book I could on the subject. I took into consideration my need to deal with my other symptoms that were caused by my hypoglycemia symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.

After years of research The Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ebook was born

The result was The Overcoming Hypoglycemia Ebook. After years of suffering endlessly, I managed to derive a programme that combines diet, vitamins, and emotional and spiritual well-being techniques that I have been following for years in order to eliminate practically all of my hypoglycemic symptoms.

•No longer do I struggle to fall asleep, lying awake in bed until 6 or 7 am.

•No longer do I suffer uncontrollable panic attacks or fear.

•No longer do I constantly have a veil of depression hanging over my head.

•No longer do I feel hungry and constantly snack on candy biscuits, and potato chips just to ease the hunger pangs.

•No longer do I have uncontrollable mood swings

•No longer do I feel drowsy and disoriented in the morning

•No longer does my mind race and race with the days thoughts at night

This ebook is comprehensive and complete

One of my main motivations for writing this book has been an increased frustration at seeing no concrete consistent information offered to sufferers of Hypoglycemia and sufferers having no central point of information or contact.

This E-book has been designed to give some type of guidance and hope to those suffering with this condition.

As a sufferer myself I can completely emphathise with what many of you are going through: the feeling that you are going crazy, the constant hospital tests you have to take only to learn that apparently there is "nothing wrong with you", the feeling of hopelessness and not knowing who to turn to.

I have designed a programme to be easily followed by anyone

This book is written by a sufferer of the condition aware of what is needed for you to be able to get your life fully under control.

I have written this book as a step by step guide which will show you what you need be able to overcome your hypoglycemia

Although some critics might say "you're not a doctor why should we listen to you?" I believe that it is the very fact that I am not a doctor that has enabled me to write a book in simple language with step by step guides that anyone can follow.

Many doctors and nutritionists, although experts in the field of nutrition and medicine, are not sufferers of hypoglycemia themselves. This means that often a sufferer is simply told to change their diet or "take vitamins" but there is no instruction in how to incorporate these actions that require a lot of effort into their lifestyle.

This e-book deals with this problem and will guide you from Day One until you are in control of your condition.

Order your copy here and begin your recovery today!

Your Ebook includes

  • Printable guides to plan your diet

  • Step by step vitamin guides

  • Printable Shopping lists of foods to eat

  • Lists of food to avoid

  • A printable easy to follow exercise programme

  • Easy to follow techniques to keep you motivated.

  • Tips and unknown secrets to beat insomnia

    And much much more

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