Hypoglycemia Sample Meal

Below is an example of a sample meal that a hypoglycemia sufferer might follow. All of the ingredients can be substituted for any of the ones on the recommended foods list. E.g chicken may be exchanged for fish or rice for wholegrain pasta for example.

Sample meal

Chicken breast 3 ounce filet (1 portion protein)
Asparagus ½ cup (½ portion fibrous carb)
Broccoli ½ cup (½ portion fibrous carb)
Rice, brown 0.60 cup(1 portion starchy carb)
Olive oil (1 Tea Spoon) (1 portion fat)

Look at the list of permitted foods and create your own meals

Once you have established the basics of food planning, mastering a hypoglycemic diet should become easier for you. Simply remember that each meal must contain one of the mentioned food groups and that portion sizes must be small.

Can vegetarians follow the plan?

The short answer to that is yes. Many of the foods on the list of healthy foods are vegetables, grains, and other non-meat products. All you have to do, therefore, is to substitute a portion of a non-meat alternative, such as beans, lentils, pulses, and peas, for a portion of meat as your main protein.

Planning meals takes time

As mentioned beating your condition can take some time. It literally took me years to bring all my symptoms under control

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