By Popular Demand 1-1 hypoglycemia phone or skype Coaching with Damian!!!

So guys- many of you have emailed me over the past few months and years and asked me if I provided online or phone coaching for individuals trying to follow the Hypoglycemia diet provided in my Ebook.

Up until now, I have pretty much refused because, I am admittedly not a qualified nutritionist or expert on in this field- I am simply someone who had a chronic case of Hypoglycemia and through many many years of study, research and trial and error developed a diet that helped me beat my Hypoglycemia

However the demand for me to offer some type of coaching programme has been so great I decided to yield to the demand!!!!

My Ebook contains all the information I share in coaching

Now in my opinion, my Ebook on Hypoglycemia is the most comprehensive of its type. It contains all of the information necessary to successfully beat your condition.

However many people have been contacting me and asking me if I could provide some online or phone coaching and support as they struggled to adjust to a life style change.

Hence the online Hypoglycemia coaching program has been born

If you sign up to online coaching with me- I will

  • Discuss your current symptoms and assess whether you are likely to have hypoglycemia
  • Help you construct your food diary to assess how your current diet may be affecting your health
  • Help you identify which foods need to be cut out to help you feel better
  • Help you set you dietary goals- identifying what you hope to achieve by changing your diet
  • Help you create meals- selecting the right ingredients to help your recovery
  • Help you construct a vitamin plan, to help you with supplementation of your new diet
  • Help you deal with constant negative thinking and anxiety
  • Give you ideas on how to question the negative beliefs you have
  • Give you insomnia dealing techniques
  • and much much more.........

    If you sign up for coaching and have not bought my Ebook I will throw it in free if you purchase at least 2 coaching sessions!!!!

    Now I know this sounds crazy for me to be practically giving away my Ebook-but to be honest- I want to help as many people as possible and so if that means throwing it free with every 2 coaching sessions purchased then so be it!

    Coaching will take place over the phone or skype (unless you can get to London UK where I will be able to meet you face to face)

    Cost of 1 hours coaching session = $100

    If you have not purchased my Ebook and purchase 2 coaching sessions for $200 I will throw in the Ebook for free!!!!!!

    Payments to be made before sessions via paypal.

    So contact me today to start your road to recovery!

    Paying by Paypal is completely secure and both seller and buyer are protected by Paypals buyer protection which means you can dispute any payments if you are not satisfied.

    If you are interested in coaching please purchase a session with the " buy now" button below and I will send you an invoice for the required amount.

    Please specify how many sessions you would like.


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